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The McCarthy McCain Platform
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Sarah Palin quotes "Joe the Plumber", whose real name is Sam (I am) , on socialism. Never mind that "JOE" lied about his identity, income, and qualifications as a plumber (or lack thereof). On socialism, he’s an authority. The McCain platform is sounding more like McCarthyism with each desperate attempt to scare the US voters into the Republican camp.

On another note, I hope that Obama’s grandmother lives long enough to see him become President! For a second term!

Sarah Palin thinks she’s talking to French President Sarkozy
Hilarious prank call!


"Sarah Palin’s Alaska." is to be aired on "VERGE- Planet Green’s all-new primetime programming destination"


For example, I wrote-

You seriously intend giving Sarah Palin money to host a show on VERGE- Planet Green? So she can further her plan to influence American public opinion with her inane but ultimately dangerous views on ecology?

Please… reconsider airing "Sarah Palin’s Alaska." Be assured I WILL NOT WATCH IT, and will urge all my friends to do likewise. I will also be less likely to turn on your channel in the future if this is the kind of programming you intend to pursue in your new line-up.


3 contacts to Send to directly –
Contact 1- Chris Finnegan
Planet Green
VP, Communications

Contact 2- Discovery’s Investor Relations department, please call (212) 548-5882 or toll-free (877) 324-5850, or email

Contact 3- Peter Liguori Chief Operating Officer

WHO IS (big surprise…) Peter Liguori was previously FOX network senior vice president, marketing


The eight-episode travelogue will “reveal Alaska’s powerful beauty as it has never been filmed, and as told by one of the state’s proudest daughters,” Peter Liguori, Discovery’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.…

Peter Liguori Chief Operating Officer Discovery Communications
Peter Liguori is a key member of Discovery Communications’ senior executive team, providing leadership and vision for the company’s operational organizations, including Marketing, Discovery Studios, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs, Business Affairs, and Media Technology, Production and Operations, as well as playing a key role in corporate budget and business decisions.
In addition to his operational role, Liguori chairs Discovery’s Content Committee comprised of U.S. Networks general managers with a focus on maximizing the value of the company’s marketing resources, network portfolio and overall corporate assets.
Liguori joined Fox / Liberty Networks in 1996 as senior vice president, marketing, for a new joint venture, which now includes Fox Sports Net, FX, Fox Sports World, SPEED and National Geographic Channel. Prior to joining Fox, Liguori was vice president, consumer marketing, at HBO. Prior to HBO, he worked in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. He is a graduate cum laude of Yale University.…

Find Wrongful Termination Attorneys Chicago

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by CA Dept of Insurance

Justin London (JLondon) Law is reliable Lawyers Securities Law Chicago. We handle many types of case like customer fraud, investment, securities, employee discrimination, personally injured and also person whose civil rights are violated by others. W are 24 x 7 available for our clients. We are not like other attorneys, who likes to make clients but don’t want to be in contact with them. We are located in Chicago, IL. Our consumer protection attorneys designed this Web site to make available the information you need to protect yourself from consumer fraud. We also provide access to legal services to help you fight consumer fraud and to obtain compensation for any injuries caused by consumer fraud. Consumer Fraud is deceptive business practices, which is perpetrated by companies with the intent to obtain financial advantage at the expense of consumers. Our consumer Fraud Lawyers Chicago has successfully resolved so many consumers claim and also helped our consumers to recover their financial losses.

If you have been fired recently, and you believe that you may have lost your job for an unlawful reason, you may have a right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against your former employer. Legal remedies that may be available to you include money damages and, if you haven’t been officially released yet, negotiation for an appropriate severance package that includes compensation. Employers have a great deal of latitude in terminating employees; there are laws in place that protect employees from discrimination and wrongful discharge. JLondon provides Wrongful Termination Attorneys Chicago. These laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, disability, and age, and in some cases, other specific categories. JLondon believes that consumers need to be educated for fraud against them, and also need to stand up for their rights whether by pursuing an individual or class action claim when the facts warrant pursuing such an action. We also believe consumers should be compensated for injury caused by defective or deceptive products. Every year many consumers are ripped off for billions of dollars by unscrupulous companies and businesses. For all these problems we are here to take care of you. Our Class Action Securities Chicagoand Fraud Lawyers Chicago

We have hardworking teams of lawyers. They provide professional legal services for people that believe they’ve been treated unfairly by a business. We have achieved successful resolutions in a number of class action lawsuits involving matters such as:

If you need an advice about Class Action Securities Chicago or looking for information Fraud Lawyers Chicago, Contact today to Justin London:
Law Offices of Justin London, 1920 N. Maud, Ste. A, Chicago, IL 60614
Phone : (773) 528-1433
Email :

Justin London committed to provide you best services in your budget and also follow your time limit. Wrongful Termination Attorneys Chicago work diligently to address your concerns and secure your trust.

Combating Customer Fraud

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Within few days’s message, lawyer General Eric Holder described the Justice division’s work to protect consumers from scam artists by investigating banking institutions and alternative party processors that help out with, or willfully ignore, fraudulent behavior. Into the times ahead, the Justice Department will keep dancing – led because of the details plus the legislation – to eradicate fraud targeting consumers while mitigating any affect institutions not under research. Finally, the purpose of these investigations is to protect customers from fraud performers and collaborating institutions-and to guard honest, hardworking People in the us from those who put their particular financial safety in peril.

Preventing Consumer Fraud

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Atty-General Lisa Madigan and others, join to warn consumers of a variety of fraudulent schemes becoming perpetrated against individuals and organizations, and just what things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of consumer fraud.
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Retail Fraud On The Rise

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by CA Dept of Insurance

Based on a study released by LexisNexis, usa retailers are susceptible to $ 191 billion in fraud losings on a yearly basis. In fact, the common business will undoubtedly be afflicted by practically ten times the identification theft of banking institutions.

The retail industry happens to be experiencing $ 100 billion in losses as a consequence of identification theft; that number is pumped as much as $ 191 billion whenever you element in lost and stolen product. Shops lost significantly more than twenty times the consumer fraud losses which stumbled on about $ 4.8 billion in 2008.

“the sum total effect of retail fraudulence is flexible and considerable since this criminal activity promises multiple sufferers,” said Jacob D. Almeida, vice-president of Risk possibilities and overseer of business areas. “We are seeing huge increases in identity fraudulence overall in addition to increases into the better known fraudulence categories like chargebacks. Using the recession and increasing elegance in unlawful fraudulence techniques, it’s imperative that merchants and finance institutions work together to lessen on fraudulence.”

Here’s the skinny in the a lot of different fraudulence impacting merchants: identification fraudulence or fraudulent deals claimed the majority of the cost of fraud, representing 52 % of complete fraud losses. In addition, it absolutely was some merchant groups specifically that experienced the damage. Huge eCommerce stores destroyed 40per cent, an upsurge from this past year.

Merchants specializing in telecommunications, on line video gaming and social networking sites reported 64 percent to 67 % of their total annual fraudulence loss as a consequence of identity fraudulence. Digital products merchants attributed 54% of these fraudulence loss to unauthorized expenditures. Additionally, one in five merchants reported an increase in unauthorized transactions related to identity fraudulence.

Credit card crimes still sharply increase, nonetheless it happens to be alternative repayment methods such online and cellular repayments that have been a confusing source of losings for some major stores. Finally, there is “friendly fraudulence,” where a customer puts an online purchase with regards to charge card, then issues a chargeback after obtaining the buy. This taken into account multiple 3rd of overall fraud for online merchants.

Mallory Megan works well with Rapid healing Solution, a medical collection company. Interested in subrogation? Hire loan companies.

The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing An Used Car

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consumer fraud
by Governor Neil Abercrombie

The latest millennium has actually so far already been a decade of rampant consumer fraud. Shrewd companies and salespersons cook up brand new method to rip off the public on a regular, if you don’t an hourly foundation. Concealed collision harm, rolled-back odometers, “laundered lemon” vehicles, in which the maker has repurchased the vehicle under lemon laws and then neglected to disclose the automobile’s record to another location customer, used automobiles offered as brand-new – these are merely various places where dealerships and producers are frequently committing fraudulence against customers. My company, in addition, focuses primarily on representing customers with bought “lemon” vehicle or who’ve been the sufferers of car dealership fraudulence.

This short piece is made to direct you towards purchasing a used vehicle, giving you the appropriate tools to safeguard your self from being conned on your own after that buy. PLEASE PRINT THIS ARTICLE OFF AND MAKE IT TO YOU WHEN YOU’RE OUT TO PURCHASE THE NEXT USED-CAR. SHOW IT TOWARDS CAR OR TRUCK SALES-PERSON IF HE OR SHE BALKS AT GIVING YOU THE NECESSARY INFORMATION. I recently bought a used automobile with positive results, and I was not a specialist mechanic; rather, I’m simply a shrewd consumer, that will be an outgrowth of the fact that i am a shrewd and effective consumer lawyer. The following suggestions, if used, are much almost certainly going to end in a satisfactory used car purchase.


1) Always insist on a warranty. “As-is” can easily be translated into legal jargon as, “You’re stuck, sucker.” Also a 30- or 10-day guarantee is better than only “as-is”.

2) Insist that the dealership print from the guarantee, in strong letters, “THIS vehicle WAS INSPECTED FOR COLLISION DAMAGE AND COLLISION REPAIR WORKS AND IT HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE WITHOUT ANY COLLISION HARM otherwise REPAIRS.” This then becomes part of the guarantee.

3) assert your supplier prints in the warranty, in bold letters, “THE vehicle IS NOT RETURNED TO A DEALER OR MANUFACTURER CONSIDERING LEMON legislation FLAWS otherwise COMPLAINTS.” If dealer can operate a warranty solution print-out, assert that they achieve this and attach it towards the warranty itself, with an extra message imprinted regarding guarantee: “THE ATTACHED WARRANTY PROVIDER HISTORY REPRESENTS THE COMPLETE WARRANTY BACKGROUND FOR THIS CAR, BASED ON each MAKER’S RECORDS.”

4) You’ll obtain an odometer disclosure declaration within the vehicle purchase. If there is any inscription on it such as for example “TMU” (means “true miles as yet not known”), be careful: this automobile’s odometer features most likely been tampered with.

5) Insist upon a test drive of at least 10 kilometers. Require operating the automobile in different roadway circumstances: city roads, highway, right and curvy roadways both. Really shrewd customers arrange having a friendly professional mechanic, perhaps not associated with the attempting to sell dealership, to come with them when it comes to trip. Paying an amiable mechanic $ 50.00 to accomplish the test-drive can spare you a lot of heartache later on.

6) Before you buy, have the automobile inspected by a non-dealer-affiliated professional auto mechanic. The friendly professional mechanic whom accompanied you from the try out must do fine for this. Have the car thoroughly viewed, because you will oftimes be according to the vehicle, specifically for its safety and dependability, for the following a long period. Afterwards, any such thing beyond routine upkeep costs will prove galling, so understand what you’re getting into in advance.

7) Do analysis. You may possibly like the appearance regarding the car, however it pays to check out the car’s service record with customer Reports or online. Start to see the National Highway Traffic security Administration site (search under “NHTSA”) for guarantee, defect and restoration information on any car you are thinking about purchasing.

8) even though they are controversial, i suggest purchasing a protracted warranty, specially if you want on keeping the car for quite some time.

That is the list, that should provide joy as opposed to grief typically. It’s your insurance coverage, therefore printing it and make it with you when you next make a used-car buy. Check down each number as you complete that step associated with record; then you’ll sit a better possibility of perhaps not becoming the prey of a fraud in a used car purchase.

I’ll now clarify some issues concerning the documents typically accompanying a used-car product sales exchange, including things to help keep your eyes peeled for and some definite warning flags that sign you not to ever get that automobile.

All dealerships make an effort to put off the documents action for end. Whenever we purchase a used car, I insist that documents action be done very first. In a nutshell, when I’ve become contemplating a motor vehicle, I would like to begin to see the documents after that and truth be told there, before We start discussing sales terms. All dealers have “dealer jackets” containing all papers per separate vehicle in the great deal. Assessment these reports very first, and only after that go with a test-drive and mechanical examination.

During the product sales close, you may expect that sales person or a clerk will present a stack of fine-print documents which would just take a week to learn. No one – not even a professional attorney – can review all of those documents in a short time. But you must at least look into these papers, and look the following pertinent information:

The “Odometer Disclosure report”

it is a document required by national legislation to accompany all product sales of utilized vehicles. Read it, and also make certain the dealership signs it, for by doing so the dealership is certifying your actual miles regarding car are accurately mirrored on odometer. In the event that “Odometer Disclosure report” has an entry such as “TMU” (which means “True Miles Unknown”), or “Actual kilometers Unknown”, or these entry, cannot choose the car! Most likely, the automobile has actually more kilometers onto it than what is really showing regarding the odometer.


The “Buyer’s Guide” may be the window sticker on a used car which ultimately shows if the car comes with a warranty. My firm advice to all or any car or truck buyers: only buy cars with warranties. Usually do not buy automobiles “as-is.” The salesperson will usually tell you that some little old lady only drove the vehicle to and from church, which dealership knows the service history of the automobile because that’s where it absolutely was maintained, etc., etc.–it’s all a pile of prairie pickles. If you purchase a car “as-is”, expect you’ll be scammed. Anticipate difficulties with the automobile. When a dealership offers a motor vehicle “as-is, it is suggesting clearly it wants no further responsibility for car once you drive it off the great deal. If the dealership doesn’t want any obligation when it comes to car, what does that inform you of the car?

The ethical associated with the story: get vehicles with warranties, just because the warranty is for only thirty days. Warranties supply liberties whenever the automobile was offered to you fraudulently or it turns out becoming a lemon. Whenever you buy a motor vehicle “as-is”, which may be the end of the range for you personally as far as seeking any fraud or lemon-law claim.

The ‘Warranty record”

you must request this, and you should request it. Many dealerships gain access to the guarantee reputation for the automobiles they sell, and particularly in the truth of new automobile dealerships for the same label of vehicles. If you may be buying a used Chevy from an official Chevy dealership which services and offers brand new Chevys, then that dealership features computerized usage of the warranty history of the car. This means you can observe any repairs done to this automobile whilst it ended up being under its initial warranty. You can easily rapidly find out in the event that vehicle had been a lemon by its warranty history.

If you do not comprehend the “warranty history”, have some knowledgeable explain it to you personally. Be sure you understand it before buying the car.

And, assert your “warranty history” be connected to the warranty it self, with a representation it presents the whole guarantee record for the car. This then gives the customer extra protection under the law if it turns out the automobile was offered fraudulently or it’s a lemon.


If you are offered everything called a “Disclosure Notice”, and/or like, BEWARE!!! Read over most of the papers to ensure you’re not on the market a recycled, or “laundered”, lemon. Any such thing called a “Disclosure Notice” which talks about the mechanical condition of the car is a red flag to back from the package and leave the dealership. You do not want buying a “laundered lemon” – it’ll probably run you more difficulty than you ever imagined feasible. In a nutshell, never buy a motor vehicle if there’s any sign that it is a “laundered lemon.”

The above, then, will be the fundamental papers you have to keep your eyes peeled for. In fact, for your own defense you need to demand to see all of them. The dealership might not have the “warranty history”, nonetheless it need to have all of the others.

Robert F. Brennan, Esq. is a principal with Brennan, Wiener & Associates, an AV-rated law firm in Los Angeles Crescenta, CA.  Their firm focuses on customer security litigation, including lemon law, vehicle dealership fraudulence and consumer course actions.  They can be reached through his web site:

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