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#105 Suica rechargeable IO (イオ) card for JR East
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Image by Nemo’s great uncle
This non-contact (RFID) IC card ("smart card") holds up to ¥20,000 in electronic money ("e-cash") for JR East train lines [Japanese], kiosks, and other 駅中(ekinaka) facilities inside JR East stations.

"Super Urban Intelligent Card" (Suica, see Wikipedia: Japanese, English (old), Deutsch) is a multi-application platform (based on Sony’s Felica [English] technology*) for JR commuter passes, JR railway tickets, e-cash, building access, and other appliations.

* Other Felica applications include JR West’s ICOCA(イコカ) cards, Bit Wallet’s Edy cards, Kansai’s PiTaPa(ピタパ) card’s, Hong Kong’s Octopus (八達通) cards…

As of October 26, 2004, sales hit 10 million users—which is not all that many when one considers that, as of April 1, 2005, JR East not longer accepts their old prepaid "IO" or "Orange" cards. I had to fork over a ¥500 deposit for this card.

NTT DoCoMo has also come on board, with cell phones incorporating the commuter pass version of the IC. KDDI au, Japan’s #2 cellular operator, will follow in January 2006.

The latest news is that coverage with extend to bus companies in the Kantō Plain in 2006.

There are two ways to "charge" this card: (1) cash at a JR East ticket machine or (2) JR East branded View credit card at a VIEW ALTTE ATM corner or JR East ticket machine with a VIEW sticker.


First the cards were only for JR ticket machines. Next, kiosks and convenience stores inside stations started taking them. Now a Family Mart convenience store hundreds of meters from the nearest JR station it accepts both Suica and the older Quo prepaid cards.

• 西瓜(suika) = lit. "Western melon" = "watermelon"

Prepaid debit cards seem to be everywhere these days, so how are you to pick one out of many? Here, we round up the three best prepaid debit cards of the bunch: Chase Liquid, American Express Prepaid and Mango.

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Wal-Mart prepaid credit card scam alert

< iframe width="425" elevation="355" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen >< img alt="Wal-Mart prepaid debt card fraud alert" src=""/ > 24-HOUR Information 8 looks out you to a fraud that entails somebody aiming to persuade you to buy a Wal-Mart pre-paid bank card. (Aug. 7, 2013).
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Things Ul need
Needle nose players
 Creddit  card
Razor blade
Super glue
Nails long enough

First thing that you must do is go into  store that sells all types of gift card and prepaid debit  cards. You must go in find the cards where there is no whole in the box where you can see the card barcode usually if it’s on the credit card it’s from top of package to bottom usual  one runs on bottom of  the package you can tell there is a whole in the box clear as day you need a new method ill teach you later on

Next thing is the removal of the cards that why you watch my video. Pretty much to sum it up you got to do is steal 2 identical packages or card then you go to bottom find creese and peel open carefully remove cards with needlenoseplyers keep one the one that you did the best on the box opening  then put the other card carefulktly back into the container . Now you must super glue it  take ur time use the credit card, to smooth out the bumps…. watch the whole video to get free prepaid debit cards

One of the most important thing that you need to is the re stocking of the dummy card, then we wait until someone will buy the card as soon as the card is activated. guessing the minit will be avail to you is still a mystery to me so I check the stores my cards,are at each day to find some activated instant cash. They can’t even recall or take the card back you all ways have the money to spend once it’s activated  no matter what. Just some advice this is what I do I draw little things hidden in the art work or draw a shape where no one will look, or realize . Normal use then Mark it down what it is on paper and location  if it’s not there then I go home and get. My well deserved for the arm (money it take 1 to 5 days depending on how many cards you got out I’d fill the whole store if I could I already got like 35 un activated cards.   Some I just buy stuff some I met someone use there ss num and we split the doe  using ATM  subscribe and email me with any questions OK
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